Tommy's Diner -- About

A Columbus Landmark Since 1989

Tommy’s Diner has been serving the greater Columbus area since 1989. For over 30 years the diner has been an iconic staple of the Franklinton neighborhood. Tom and Kathy Pappas created this concept with hustle, hard work and a vision of the American dream.

Tom was an immigrant to this country as a young adult and Kathy grew up with immigrant parents. Both are of Greek descent, which is reflected in their culinary style. They raised 2 sons in Columbus. Their younger son, Michael, plays an active role in the business today. While their older son, Louie, followed in their culinary footsteps and established Milo’s catering, providing food services for a variety of special events. Tom and Kathy are proud of their heritage and the customs and traditions that it brings. For them, food is a celebration of life. It can unite people. It can evoke feelings. It can create memories.

Over the years, the diner has received many accolades. Patrons enjoy the simplicity of the classic menu items and the uniqueness of the special features. The menu is a combination of traditional diner fare, home-cooked specialties and innovative cuisine highlighted daily.

Tom and Kathy create a dining experience like no other, with a familiar and inviting environment. It’s a business lunch, a neighborhood spot, or a weekend brunch.

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